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Teaching Lorain connects educators, youth, and community members to the city’s history and provides a collaborative forum for examining and addressing the current challenges facing Lorain.  With the mission of connecting students and educators with Lorain's history of innovation, politics, and culture, Teaching Lorain strives to create a love of place and encourages the integration of Lorain's story into the classroom.

We're investing in teachers, students, and community members.  We believe that Lorain’s youth and their educators, given proper tools and training, will play a pivotal role in the revitalization of the City of Lorain.

Learning about the Program.

The Teaching Lorain Institute is a professional development program for any K – 12 educator interested in connecting his or her students to Lorain’s history, public policy, economics, and youth engagement. Participants learn from area leaders and experts, engage in various activities focused on pedagogy, visit interesting sites around Lorain and develop classroom-ready curricula for immediate use

Professional Development Program

Teaching Lorain offers a variety of professional development experiences from our Happy Hour Events to our four-hour long sessions. Teaching Lorain works with educators to teach them about Lorain's rich history. We connect educators to local resources, organizations, and facilities to enhance their classroom lesson plans. We strive to connect educators with issues of Lorain’s past, present and future.

Of particular interest has been Teaching Lorain’s exploration of the history of ethnicity and race in the City of Lorain. This program focused on the various immigrant and migrant groups who came to the International City in the late 1800's and 1900's, the changing racial landscape brought on by federal housing policies and redlining, and the challenges of Lorain schools desegregation.


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Teaching Lorain is modeled after the already successful program Teaching Cleveland, a nonprofit which aims to build informed and engaged Clevelanders who are positively changing our region. 


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