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History of the Moore House

Leonard M. Moore built what is now referred to as the Moore House Museum in 1906. He was a bank trustee, businessman and Secretary/Treasurer of the Lorain Lumber and Manufacturing Company as well as City Council Member and Mayor.

He and his wife, Caroline, raised their three daughters in this home, and his daughter Helen lived there until her death in 1980.  The house was left to the City of Lorain in Helen’s will.

In 1994, the Moore House became the home to the Black River Historical Society, now known as the Lorain Historical Society.  It is maintained as a house museum of the 1920’s era of Lorain.

Making the

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The Project: We are currently updating the Moore House to be used as a collections facility to finally be able to store all of our collections and artifacts safely. We will be offering tours of our Moore House during the Spring for a 'last look' before we transform the historic home. We are still honoring the members of the famous mayor's home by preserving, collecting and restoring our artifacts and collections especially those pertaining to the family. 

A last look at our exclusive tour of the Moore House Museum

Our Vision

“to be a leader in local history preservation, education and community engagement: where children and adults are inspired by their shared and diverse history and where people work together to create a vibrant city that is economically strong and a great place to be.”

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