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Children's History Programs

History becomes alive in our LHS Kids discovery room. For more information on all of our programs designed for children please contact our curriculum director at

Kids Camps

We offer both Spring break and Summer camps for kids in grades K-5. These camps are jam packed with activities, games, local history lessons, and so much more! Camps run Monday through Friday 10:00am - 2:00pm and include lunch.

Spring Camp: Celebrate Spring! April 3rd - 7th

Summer Camps: All Around Town! June 5th - 9th and July 10th - 14th


Field Trips

Field trips may be scheduled during the school year for various classes or organizations.  Our field trips offer an interactive museum experience for students. Interesting artifacts and exhibits are highlighted offering a unique learning opportunity.

Please click 'learn more' below for more information.

Our programs are aligned with the state of Ohio learning standards.  LHS KIDS lessons are rooted in the themes and history of the City of Lorain, but can be applied to learning everywhere.

All programs will be held at the Carnegie Center, located at 329 W. 10th St., Lorain.

HER Story made HIStory!

Who was Toni Morrison and why is she such an important person for us to know? Learn more about 'America's Greatest Storyteller" with this free lesson about her life and accomplishments... 
Did you know that Toni Morrison used to work in our Carnegie Center Building? Toni worked as a Librarian in the Carnegie Center Library before she got her start writing her famous works!

Virtual  Lessons

5 Virtual Google Slide lessons are available for purchase to use throughout the school year.  Lessons are aligned with Ohio learning standards and have various cross-curricular components. These lessons are easy to use and are a great auxilliary tool for classroom teaching and learning.  Lessons can be purchased individually or as a set, and are suitable for grades 1 – 5.
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