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Carnegie Center Reference Room

We are excited to share our archival collection with researchers to help them answer their questions about Lorain history. We have resources that are helpful for those searching their family history, history of buildings or businesses, industries, schools, churches, organizations, City history, and more!

Contact us today with your questions and to set up an appointment to visit the Reference room. Whether you have a quick question, research paper, or other research project, we are happy to help you!

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Schedule an in Person Appointment 

Research with us!
In order for staff and volunteers to best help researchers, appointments or calling ahead are highly encouraged. This will allow us to determine if someone is available to help you. If your question can be answered by resources that we provide this can give staff time to pull relevant resources in advance to make the best use of your time. Some resources are stored offsite and will not be retrieved without notice.
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Have a Question but cannot
Visit in Person?

Contact Us Today!

Research questions that can be answered over the phone or by email with one resource and under 15 minutes of research time may be answered if volunteer/staff time allows at no charge, although donations are appreciated.

More extensive research requiring more than 15 minutes of staff/volunteer time to answer will require a research fee of $20/hour. This professional research service can be arranged by contacting staff and a minimum of $20 will be charged whether an answer is found or not after the 1 hour of work. 

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How Much Does it Cost?

Lorain Historical Society members may visit the Reference Room with appointments and when staff are available for free. Non-members may utilize the Reference Room with an $8 admission charge for adults or $3 for students.


Copies & Scanning

Copies of information can be made if the condition of the original allows. Copy machine or professional scanning fees may apply. Contact us for mroe information.

Search our Collections & Archives





50th Anniversary of the Fire on the Roger Blough

jfm101906011 Helen Steiner Rice.jpg

Helen Steiner Rice History


Lorain's WWII Veterans with Dr. Craig Semsel


Notable Women of Lorain County by Carm Januzzi

Jack o lantern_edited.jpg
Jack o lantern_edited.jpg

Vintage Halloween


Ruth Anna Fisher


The History of Harriet Root


Coming Soon...

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