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Accessibility Notice

If you need accommodations for special needs or have any questions or concerns about our accessibility notice, please email or call us at or contact 440-245-2563 Ext. 7001. 

Carnegie Center

Visitors can use the parking lot located behind the Carnegie Center. The entrances to the Carnegie Center’s parking lot can be found on West 10th Street and Streator Place. The parking lot has a total of 37 parking spaces. Two designated handicapped parking spaces are located in the parking lot near the ADA ramp and entrance.

The primary entrance is at the back of the building and can be accessed from the parking lot. Though the primary entrance is ADA compliant, it is not a power-operated door.

An elevator is available for visitors to access the second floor of the Carnegie Center.

Accessible Restrooms
The Carnegie Center has two accessible restrooms on the first floor and one accessible unisex restroom on the second floor.

General Accessibility
The permanent exhibits and most public areas of the building are accessible, including our gift shop space and children's room. 


Moore House

The Moore House is open by appointment only. Our Moore House now serves as our Collections and Storage Facility.


For Accessibility information please reach out to Curator and Senior Collections Manager, Kaitlyn Donaldson at 440-245-2563 Ext. 7003 or email her at


(440) - 245 - 2563

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