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The Latino Lorain History Project has devoted a lot of time to researching the Latino community in Lorain, Ohio.  Through their research, they have learned of many resources in existence that document the Latino community in Lorain. The goal of this page is to serve as both a bibliography or list of information that exists in the world as well as where and how it can be accessed (whether online or only in person). If you know of helpful resources that exist and are not already on this list, please contact us so we can keep our page updated. 


The Latino Lorain History Project is focused on educating people in Lorain and Lorain County on the deep history of Latinos and Hispanics in Lorain, Ohio. To make this information more accessible, we have created this online library of archives, educational materials, and outside resources. Before this project, there has never been one central location to find the complete history of Latinos and Hispanics in Lorain. We hope that researchers, educators, and community members will be able to use this website to aid them in their education.


The Latino Lorain History Project is focused on educating Lorain County and other interested parties on the history of Latinos and Hispanics in the community. Aside from the Lorain Historical Society’s collection of archival material, we recognize that many outside resources like books, dissertations, and websites help to create a more comprehensive picture. This list serves as an extra source of information for researchers, educators, and community members who are eager to learn more about the Latino Lorain community.

Lorain Historical Society

  • Oral history interviews

    • ​Contact Curator Kaitlyn Donaldson at the Lorain Historical Society to receive complete transcripts or listen to audio recordings.  

  • Available books and publications

    • Jacinto, Frank. Emergence of the Hispanic Community in Lorain, Ohio. Coalition for Hispanic Issues and Progress, Revised Edition 2001.  

    • Mendez, Frank S. You Can’t Be Mexican You Talk Just Like Me. Voices of Diversity Series by Kent State University Press, 2005. 

    • Whalen, Carmen. Puerto Rican Diaspora: Historical Perspectives. Philadelphia: Temple University, Press 2005. 

    • O’Brien, Robert W. The Mexican Colony in South Lorain: An Exploratory Study. Oberlin College Graduate Thesis, 1931. 


Oberlin College Library 

Collections & Archives

Online Catalogit HUB - Latino Lorain

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