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100 Years of Latino History Exhibit

History of Vine Ave. & South Lorain

Join us in “Celebrating 100 Years of Latino History in Lorain, Ohio” with this set of panels highlighting the history of Vine Avenue in South Lorain and how the area became home to many Hispanics and Latinos that moved to Ohio. Learn about Vine Avenue from people who remember growing up there and find inspiration in their stories for preserving the culture today.

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Our Exhibit

Scroll through our gallery of exhibit panels! Click on one of the panels below to open the expanded viewing mode. To magnify the panel in the expanded viewing mode, click again on a panel. Click and drag your mouse up or down to view more of the magnified panel.

Exhibit created by the Latino Lorain committee. Panels designed by Jesse Guardado.

To open a single PDF file that contains all of the exhibit panels, click here. Please note that the PDF file is large and may take longer to load.


How We Created This Exhibit

In 2021, Latino Lorain committee members came together and saw the need for a physical exhibit highlighting the history of the Latino community. Through collaboration, research, and collecting the stories of elders in the community, we have been able to illustrate the complex story of Vine Avenue. 


Where Is the Exhibit Now?

The "Celebrating 100 Years of Latinos in Lorain" exhibit traveled to different locations in Lorain County between 2022 and 2023. The physical exhibit is currently set up at the Lorain Historical Society until May 10, 2024. If you are interested in hosting the exhibit, please contact us at

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