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Volunteer Opportunities


If you like welcoming guests to view our exhibits and talk about our upcoming programs and events this is the opportunity for you to engage with those in your community!

Gift Shop

If you enjoy engaging with guests in a retail space this is the job for you. Help us to keep track of and restock inventory and use our Square register system.

Archives & Collections

Work with our Curator at the Carnegie Center and Moore House to help with projects, organizing, and archiving.


If you are in need of volunteer hours or looking to learn more about hospitality/tourism or history please contact us today for opportunities within your community!


If you love to talk in front of a crowd and can easily adapt to performing in any environment this may be the role for you!


Join the Millennials+ group that volunteers at different events throughout the year!

Amherst, Ohio  New York Central Railroad Train Wreck  March 29, 1916  #22.jpg

Want to Volunteer? Get in touch!

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