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Lorain's History...

2021.07_jfm051104033_B&W Postcard_Unknown Group at possibly Lakeview Park South.jpg



Lorain, Ohio  Schmidt Family  (Albert Schmidt)  West 23rd St. & Lexington Ave.  1908.jpg

Early 1900's


1990.46, jfm112707010, Pic#1.191 - Men walking into or out of Steel Plant c 1950s.jpg

Late 1900's


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2000's - Now


Then      Now

1997.36_jfm100708042 Last Ford Thunderbird Sept. 1997
Lorain, Ohio   Scott's Nuts Stand  619 Broadway  Inez Sultzbaugh - wife of Sidney I   Chri
kjs120507002 - children playing on eighth street. Possibly the Pongs.
Washington 1st grade on boat
Lorain, Ohio  Kovac's  (Frank Smith) Groceries & Confectionary Store    3207 Globe Avenue
JFM032409041 (MS011110012b, NFB1015065)

Celebrating Lorain's vibrant history for over 127 years!

Lorain's Then & Now

Our city has gone through many transformations over the years. One important thing is that our strong love for our city's history is eminent!

Lorain had gotten its start in the late 1800's after many immigrants and their families found sanctuary in higher paying industry jobs that sustained life here for awhile.

After those industries closed, we hit a plateau in businesses and industries coming into the city. Our growth had been at halt for years until now...

Industries are finally making a comeback in our city and more businesses are appearing along Broadway Ave. Other projects are currently underway in our city which will soon transform our neighborhood into something great! 

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jfm091906023 - Lola Monosmith and her ch



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