Outdoor Programs

History Boat Tours

The Lorain Historical Society is looking forward to sponsoring the History  Boat Tours down the Black River pnce again for the 2023 summer season.  Each tour is narrated by a Lorain Historical Society historian.

Participants cruise the Lorain waterfront and learn the importance that the waterways played in the development of Lorain, beginning at the mouth of the Black River.  Historic landmarks such as the Lorain Lighthouse, the site of American Shipbuilding and the US Steel are on the path of the trip.  Travelers can also witness the rebirth of wildlife preserves on the Black River by viewing the rookeries and the aquatic fish shelves along the tour.

Each tour runs from 2 pm to 4 pm, and participants should arrive 15 minutes prior to departure.  The boat leaves from Oasis Marinas at Port Lorain, located at 301 Lakeside Ave., Lorain.  Tickets are $20 per person.  Seating is limited.

Watch for an announcement of 2023 History Boat Tour Dates!

Scavenger Hunts


Test your knowledge of Lakeview Park’s monuments and attractions with this scavenger hunt! If you are looking for a fun activity to do with the family, this is a perfect way to spend time at the park and learn a little something too. There are 15 clues pointing you to different features of the park and “Did you know?” facts about each monument you visit. If you get stuck, after your first incorrect answer there will be a hint to help you along.


Download these pdfs on your phone or print them off at home so you can enjoy them offline at Lakeview Park.

Clues WITH Answers Careful to not spoil the fun as the answers are written at the bottom of each clue’s page!

Clues Without Answers

Ohio Open Doors Historic Building Tour

The Lorain Historical Society, in collaboration with Main Street Lorain and the Ohio History Connection, are celebrating some of Lorain’s historic buildings and landmarks on Saturday, September 10 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Ohio Open Doors is a statewide celebration where building and landmark sponsors open their doors to the public for special tours and programs as a way to commemorate the Anniversary of the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act.

We welcome all history fanatics, photo explorers and anyone who wants to join this urban exploration! The doors of some of Lorain’s oldest and most beautiful buildings will be open to you and your camera. Follow your curiosity beyond the street view into the nooks and crannies of our City because if it’s here, it’s part of who we are!

Historic building that are included in this tour will be announced soon.

Walking Tours

Did you know that the Lorain Historical Society has two virtual history tours available for free? Utilizing the izi.TRAVEL app, you can experience the Lorain Historical Walking Tour and the Lorain Tornado Tour anytime right from your smart phone. You can enjoy them during a relaxing walk, from your car, or from the comfort of your home.

Don’t have a smart phone? These tours are also available directly on the izi.TRAVEL website.

Lorain Historical Walking Tour

The City of Lorain Historical Architecture Tour was created by the Lorain Historical Society and features over 30 stops along a 1.6 mile loop. Each marker includes architectural history as well as interesting facts about the life and use of the building. We encourage you to walk, bike, or roll along our route and enjoy the rich history. This tour is a great way to get active, enjoy company of friends and family, and learn about historical landmarks in the City of Lorain. Condensed paper copies of this architecture walking tour can be picked up at the Lorain Historical Society for free.  Click here to get started!

Lorain tornado Tour

On June 28, 1924, an F4 tornado touched down in Sandusky and Lorain, taking a total of 85 lives and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. This tour was developed as part of the 95th anniversary commemoration in 2019. The stories from that tornado are still seared into the history and memory of Lorainites today. Included in this tour are a series of personal accounts of the tornado and how individuals were immediately affected. The images shown at each location illustrate the damage done to that area of Lorain. As you follow the path and listen to the oral histories, it is not hard to find the passion Lorainites have for their city and for their history. For more information about the tornado, please contact the Lorain Historical Society. Click here to get started!