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History of the Carnegie Center

The cornerstone for the building that is referred to as the Carnegie Center was laid on August 19, 1903. The building project was funded with a $30,000 gift from the Andrew Carnegie Building Foundation, along with support from the local community.

One hundred and ten years later, in August of 2013, the Lorain Historical Society collaborated with the City  of Lorain, Lorain City Council, and the Lorain Port Authority to acquire ownership of this building.  It is now the home to the administrative offices, community meeting room, gift shop, historic display center, and education center of the Lorain Historical Society.

Carnegie Center

National Register of Historic Places
August is a historic and memorable month for the “old Carnegie Library” (now named the “Carnegie Center”) located at 329 W.10th Street in Lorain. It was 120 years ago this month that the cornerstone was laid, marking the beginning of the construction of a beautiful library in the heart of a residential district and within walking distance to the downtown area. Fast forward to August 2013 when the Black River Historical Society (now known as the Lorain Historical Society) acquired the property from the Lorain Port Authority and began a Capital Campaign to raise money for its renovation. Today, in August 2023, a brief ten years later, the Carnegie Center has been recognized by the National Park Service on the National Register of Historic Places.

Inside the Carnegie Center

Our Exhibits

After the completion of our Capital Campaign for the Carnegie Building reopening in 2015, We took the next step and completed our Phase I Exhibit back in 2019 which offers an overview of our city's history starting with the Ford Motor Company Plant and the Steel Mill. These exhibits capture what it means to be a true Lorainite! We are currently moving towards collecting money to sustain our Phase II exhibit which will inhabit the more unique qualities of our city and capture the true meaning of community engagement and enrichment.


Making the




History of the Moore House

Leonard M. Moore built what is now referred to as the Moore House Museum in 1906. He was a bank trustee, businessman and Secretary/Treasurer of the Lorain Lumber and Manufacturing Company as well as City Council Member and Mayor.
He and his wife, Caroline, raised their three daughters in this home, and his daughter Helen lived there until her death in 1980.  The house was left to the City of Lorain in Helen’s will.
In 1994, the Moore House became the home to the Black River Historical Society, now known as the Lorain Historical Society.  It is maintained as a house museum of the 1920’s era of Lorain.

Pardon Our Dust

After almost ten years with a display set as a historic home, the Moore House is getting an update!

The 2023 - 2025 Strategic Plan sets historic preservation of the Moore House and storage conditions for Lorain Historical Society's museum collections high on the list.

Over the next 3 years, we will be transitioning the home into a set up better suited for public programs, preservation of the Lorain Historical Society's 3-D object collection, and behind the scenes tours. 

The beauty and preservation of the home is top priority and this solution will allow more people to view the home as well as see objects from the collection normally kept behind the scenes. 

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