Gift Shop Christmas Collections

Thank you for your patience as we try to adapt to these changing circumstances and, as always, we appreciate your continued support of the Lorain Historical Society.

Over the past several years, Lorainites and Historical Society members who live out of town have inquired about the possibility of ordering items from our Gift Shop online, especially at holiday times. Setting up an online store can be a lot of work and very expensive, so we have not pursued it. Once in a while we have had a special item that we have offered to people for online ordering, like the Lorain Afghan and the Lorain Eats! Cookbook. Those sales were definitely profitable and it allowed people to share in wonderful memories of their hometown – Lorain, The International City!

As with many other things, COVID has caused us to re-think how we do business in our shop. Because people are not able to travel as they did in the past and because our Gift Shop sales have been decimated in 2020, we are offering the possibility of holiday shopping IN A VERY LIMITED WAY this holiday season. Please remember that our inventory is not limitless and we don’t have the huge capacity of an ‘Amazon’ service, nor are we prepared to be personal shoppers. With that in mind, if you wish to support the Lorain Historical Society by shopping here for the holiday season, we are offering several “collections” for your consideration.


To place an order you can call the Historical Society office between 10:00am – 3:00pm EST Tuesday through Saturday, beginning November 17. Our Administrative Office can be reached at 440-245-2563, and please be prepared with your selection and your credit card when you call. You may want to print out an order blank (see link below) to assist you when ordering.

If you want your items to be shipped, orders must be received no later than December 5. We will package up your items and prepare them for shipping within a week of receiving your order and payment. If you want to use curbside pick-up for your items, orders must be received no later than December 17, and must be picked up no later than 1 pm on December 22. All pick-ups will be at the Carnegie Center, 329 W. 10th St., Lorain.

At this time we cannot take orders through our website and we do NOT want anyone giving a credit card via email, so all orders must be placed by phone. Our inventory is limited and we will not be able to re-order items before the holiday, so please know that these collections are available only while supplies last. All phone sales are final. No returns will be accepted.

Again, we are here to take your phone order Tuesday through Saturday between 10am – 3pm EST. We will be closed on Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) and Friday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27) but will be open on Saturday, November 28. If no one is able to answer your call right away, please leave a message in the general mailbox ONLY. We will return your call as soon as possible. Do not leave orders or credit card information on voicemail.

#1. Lorain Landmarks Afghan

This hand-crafted afghan features numerous Lorain Landmarks, and has become a treasured item in our gift shop. Made in North Carolina, it highlights these popular sites: Moore House, Carnegie Center, Lorain Lighthouse, Lorain Easter Basket, Lakeview Fountain, US Steel Offices, Charles Berry Bascule Bridge.

Price: $80.06 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($15.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#2. Lorain Eats! Cookbook

The Lorain Eats! Cookbook is a collection of 400+ International and Family Favorite recipes, generously shared by Lorainites. This cookbook makes a great addition for anyone that treasures old world recipes, or just wants to try their hand at making an international dish!

Price: $26.69 (includes tax). Book rate shipping ($5.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#3. Lighthouse Lover Collection

Remember strolling on Lakeview Beach, enjoying the view of the Lorain Lighthouse? This beacon of the Lorain port is a famous landmark for our city, and this collection makes a perfect gift for anyone on your list!

Items included: Lorain Lighthouse mug, embroidered kitchen towel, wooden ornament, large ceramic trivet, playing cards.

Price: $49.11 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($15.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#4. Little Lorain Readers Collection

Many of us grew up enjoying the sport of fishing on Lake Erie! This wonderful collection of Tyler the Fish books is perfect for the little ones in your family. Written by Meaghan Fisher from Dayton, Ohio, each of the books has a heart-warming story of Tyler and his friends in Lake Erie. Tyler the Fish Visits the Lorain Lighthouse was written especially to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Lorain Lighthouse.

Items included: 4 Tyler the Fish paperback books, Lighthouse fog horn, train whistle.

Price: $39.50 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($9.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#5. Children’s Christmas Fun

Your very own customizable DIY gnome comes in his own home. It’s an invitation for a family experience designed to help you and your kids explore and create, offering countless hours of fun and connection. Kids (and Kids-at-Heart) will certainly enjoy these activity-centered gifts!

Items included: Gustav, My Gnome on the Roam figurine, Celebrate Lorain Doodle and ‘zen’ coloring book, and Lorain Landmarks playing cards.

Price: $30.42 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($15.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#6. Gnome on the Roam Adventure Box

My Gnome on the Roam ® is a collection of toys and tools designed to help families bring more adventure to their lives, it’s a suitcase full of memories waiting to be unpacked. It’s an invitation to explore, create and connect with your family.

Items included: Gustav the Gnome on the Roam figurine, Adventure Book, Journal, Suitcase.

Price: $30.96 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($21.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#7. Lighthouse Deluxe Collection

The Lighthouses of Lake Erie are a popular attraction along the North Coast, and this makes a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates these iconic beacons of light.

Items included: Lorain Lighthouse kitchen towel, Lorain Lighthouse large wooden ornament, Lighthouses of Lake Erie matted print and journal.

Price: $56.58 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($15.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#8. Greetings From Lorain Collection

This Greetings from Lorain art design has individual text boxes that feature iconic Lorain scenes. This collection is sure to warm the heart of anyone from Lorain!

Items included: Large tote bag, 4 ceramic coasters, magnet.

Price: $42.70 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($15.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#9. Home Cookin’ collection

Do you have a chef in your family? This is the perfect gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen!

Items included: Greetings from Lorain kitchen towel, Lorain ceramic spoon rest, medium ceramic crock, and small ceramic crock.

Price: $65.12 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($15.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#10. Lady of Lorain Collection

Treat a special lady in your life (or treat yourself!) to this lovely collection of accessories.

Items included: Ohio-shaped gold-tone wire earrings, I love Ohio gold-tone pendant, Lorain Proud wristlet pouch.

Price: $38.43 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($8.50) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#11. Little Miss Collection

Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote! This is the perfect gift to hibernate in the winter!

Items included: Beach glass necklace (color may vary), Votes for Women Puzzle.

Price: $36.30 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($21.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#12. Bookish on Lorain Collection

Winter is just around the corner, so why not curl up with a good book, your favorite beverage, and learn more about Lorain?!

Items included: Haunted Lorain County, Images of Lorain Ohio and I’ll Always Be From Lorain.

Price: $49.11 (includes tax). Priority shipping ($9.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).

#13. Lorain Proud Collection

Lorain Proud is a grassroots community movement with the expressed goal of making the narrative of Lorain one of community pride, patronage, and service. Citizens don’t join Lorain Proud, they are Lorain Proud!

Items included: Lorain Proud Tote Bag, Lorain Proud Mug.

Price: $23.49 (tax included). Priority shipping ($15.00) or curbside pick-up (Free).