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Produced by Jenn McManamon

The goal of this Timeline project was to show all the major events and accomplishments of the the Latino community in Lorain. This timeline was used in a program taught by Jenn McManamon at the Lorain Historical Society. For more information on our educational programs click the button below.

Latinos in Lorain

Historic Timeline of Latinos in Lorain


The first Mexican families came to Lorain in 1921. The Steel Mill recruited workers from Mexico in 1923. Our Lady of Guadalupe organized in 1926 and the Neighborhood House was founded in 1927. La Sociedad Mutalista Mexicana formed in 1928.


Many workers moved back to Mexico to support their families. Mexicans that had moved to Texas started to come into Lorain for better job opportunities. 


The second wave of Mexicans came to Lorain in 1940. 500 recruits from Puerto Rico came to Lorain to work at the Steel Mill and Ford Motor Company in 1947. The Puerto Rican welfare league was then formed in 1947. 


Sacred Heart Chapel was established in 1952 to hold mass and community events. El Hogar Puerto Rican Home was also organized in 1956. 


The Urban Renewal impacted Vine Avenue and the surrounding areas. President Kennedy visited the Latino communities in Lorain in 1960.








The Latino community in Lorain has been established for 100 years! By telling the history of the Latino community in Lorain, we hope these experiences will inspire the generations that will follow. 


YOU can make a difference and be apart of the Latino history in Lorain. Today, we still see strong Latino roots in Lorain as small shops, restaurants and other businesses remain open after the pandemic.

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