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Latino Lorain Veterans Story Walk

Online Exhibit Panels 

The Latino Lorain Veterans Story Walk highlights the experiences of Latino Veterans and their service in the military. This exhibit is intended to give a voice to Latino Veterans and educate those who have not served in the military.

How We Created This Exhibit

Between the fall of 2022 and spring of 2023, the Latino Lorain History Project collected oral history interviews from a total of 24 people. Volunteers, Lorain Historical Society staff members, and Dr. Gina Pérez's Oberlin College students conducted interviews with Latino Veterans, active-duty members, spouses, and family members.

Research and ongoing community collaboration guided the development of this Story Walk. We thank the oral history interviewees who participated in our focus groups, helped us refine exhibit themes, and reviewed content.

Location of the Story Walk

The Latino Lorain Veterans Story Walk is located in Oakwood Park. The Story Walk connects the proposed Ohio Hispanic Veterans Memorial on Grove Avenue (State Route 57) to the original Hispanic Veterans memorial at the corner of 31st Street and Clinton Avenue. For more information on the Ohio Hispanic Veterans Memorial, please visit their website at


Moving Forward

Our work with Latino Veterans is an ongoing project. While the Story Walk stations will be permanent installations in Oakwood Park, we plan to switch out the Story Walk panels in the future. This first edition of the Story Walk will stay up in Oakwood Park for at least one year.


In the meantime, we will continue collecting oral history interviews related to military service. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in an oral history interview, please contact us at

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