Children’s Virtual Lessons

Lesson 1: Celebration of Women’s Suffrage: The Right to Vote for Some Women

Scholars will learn why voting is so important, the history and timeline of voting rights since the first US presidential election, how and why the suffrage movement started and some local and national key players in the movement, when and why we celebrate Women’s History Month.

Lesson 2: The Tornado of 1924: The Nature of History

Scholars will start by viewing the tornado scene from The Wizard of Oz.

Scholars will learn how a tornado forms, the different types and categories of tornados, the history of the Tornado of 1924 that ripped through Lorain, how the Lorain community came together to rebuild, how to construct a tornado in a bottle, what to do to remain safe in the event of a tornado.

Lesson 3: Ships Ahoy! A look at some historic freighter ships that have sailed the Great Lakes, their function and the idea of buoyancy.

Scholars will learn about the ship building industry and some of the ships that were built in Lorain. They will learn about freighters, their function, and some jobs of a freighter crew. They will then learn about the idea of buoyancy in relation to freighters and consider science experiments around buoyancy.

Lesson 4:  Sturdy Steel: a material and an industry

Scholars will learn the story of the steel mills of Lorain and their vast importance. They will then study steel as a material and take note of the various uses for steel. A science experiment showing the states of still will reinforce the idea of steel as a material.

Lesson 5: Automobiles-Then and Now-a look back to the first cars and how they were made.

Scholars will learn about the invention, production, and evolution of the automobile. They will participate in an assembly line and enjoy a fictional text of Henry Ford and his assembly line.