About Lorain Historical Society

    Since 1981 the Lorain Historical Society (formerly Black River Historical Society) has been preserving the history of the City of Lorain for future generations.

Our Mission focuses on community engagement and exciting programming for people of all ages.  Our Vision Statement calls us to be a leader in our local community. As we move forward into our 40th anniversary year, we believe we are called to be the historical society for ALL of Lorain and invite Lorainites wherever they live to engage with us as our programming takes advantage of technology through Zoom and other media platforms.

Mission Statement

Lorain Historical Society engages members of the community and our visitors in our shared and diverse history through preservation, education, collaborations, and exciting programming for all ages, so that we learn from the past, develop civic pride, and transform the future.

Vision Statement

We envision a future for Lorain where the Lorain Historical Society will be a leader in local history preservation, education, and community engagement; where children and adults are inspired by their shared and diverse history; and where people work together to create a vibrant city that is economically strong and a great place to live.

Want to learn more?

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