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Unique Lorain Bus Tour Celebrating National Hispanic Month, Sept. 22

Attracted to Lorain's booming industrial base, immigrants have long found a home in this "International City".  The particular section we will explore on this tour is called South Lorain.  This area was built in the late 1890's in conjunction with the huge new adjacent steel complex - as a planned company town to provide a home for the many immigrants groups who would come to Lorain to work in the mill and stay and raise their families.  Initially, most immigrants were from Eastern Europe.  Later in the early 20th century, people from Spain and Mexico arrived. Post WWII immigration included people from the island of Puerto Rico and recently others from Central America.  Today, Lorain has one of the largest concentrations of Hispanics in Ohio.  Establishing stores, clubs, and churches, the Hispanic community of Lorain has grown to exemplify the diversity of their adopted city while becoming an integral part of its bedrock.  

Come along with us on this bus tour as we explore and learn about the Hispanic community of South Lorain.   It includes a cooking class in making enchiladas at the Mexican Mutual Society at noon.  Muy delicioso!

This program is presented in collaboration with the LCCC Center for Lifelong Learning, and reservations can be made through their office at (440) 366-4148.   Fee: $26 per person.  David Simmer serves as Instructor.