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Charrettes Discussion Groups September 26 - 30, 2017

What is a Charrette Discussion?

A Charrette Discussion is an open-ended and collaborative series of grass-roots planning sessions where a cross section of the public is sought to provide insight and input from a grass roots level.  Most importantly, a Charrettes allow everyone who participates to be a mutual author of the vision of what Lorain can be in the next 20 years and how they may help to make that vision a reality. 

Do you want to help the Lorain Historical Society create a virtual exhibit of what kind of community Lorain can be?  Consider participating in one of the Charrette Discussion Groups, listed below:

Tues., September 26 at 1 pm:  #1104 Union Hall   2501 Broadway, Lorain

Tues., September 26 at 7 pm:  Croatian Club  4846 Oberlin Ave., Lorain

Thurs., September 28 at 7 pm: El Centro  2800 Pearl Ave., Lorain

Sat, September 30 at 1 pm:  Carnegie Center  329 W. 10th St., Lorain

The Lorain Historical Society is proud to be in partnership with the following organizations to bring this project to the community:  Lorain County Community College, The Lorain Port Authority, The Lorain Public Library System, The Morning Journal and United Way of Greater Lorain County.