Your generous contributions support our Mission.  It is through the efforts of people who love Lorain and its rich tradition and history that the Lorain Historical Society has been set on a path to success.  We are able to boast of two beautiful properties:  the Moore House Museum and the Carnegie Center.  While we have made significant investments of time and money in both of these buildings, we want to make sure that our efforts continue well into the future.  Your gift to Annual Appeal/Power of One Campaign will ensure that the story of Lorain’s history—its people and the events that shaped them—will be passed on for generations to come.  Thank you for your loyal and generous support.

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Annual Appeal/Power of One Campaign:

Can one person make a difference? Absolutely! You proved it in 2017 when the number of donors to the Annual Appeal increased by 25%.  Because of YOU, crucial operating dollars were generated and we are grateful.  We have renewed enthusiasm to provide programming that is designed to reach a variety of community groups, and new classes for children in our Children's History Room.

Your gift does make a difference!

• Preserve the story that is Lorain's rich history - a story of pride, resilience, grit and diversity

• Help us reach a wider audience

• Make an impact on our City of Lorain TODAY!

Our 2018 Annual Appeal/Power of One Campaign provides additional operating dollars to the Lorain Historical Society.  For almost ten years, our members and friends have been generous in their donations which supplement the revenue generated through sales in the gift shop, fundraising events, membership fees and business sponsorships.

We need the continued support of each one of our members to reach our goal of $60,000 for this year’s Annual Appeal.  We are happy to announce that we already have 100% participation by our Board of Trustees and Staff.  Please join them and help us reach our goal of 100% participation from our Members and Friends.

To donate to the Annual Appeal/Power of One Campaign, please click the button below. All donations are welcome and will be recognized in our 2019 Annual Report.  


If you would like to consider donating to the Lorain Historical Society through a planned estate gift, please call Barbara Piscopo, our Executive Director, at 440-245-2563 for more information.

If you are considering making a Donation of a historic object, photograph or archive, please call Kaitlyn Goss Donaldson, our Collections Supervisor, at 440-245-2563 to set up an appointment.